Let’s accelerate the future of retail value chain technology together.
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Bounds Accelerator Demo Day
Join us for Demo Day April 29, 2024

Bounds Accelerator is an Arkansas-based, next-generation technology startup accelerator focused on the force-multiplying effects of merging serial entrepreneurs, industry and technology leaders, degree-seeking talent, and startup founders driving digital transformation in retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain systems through the emerging technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, and blockchain-based solutions.


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Is Bounds For You?
We are seeking a cohort of founders with early-stage traction, a prototype or working product, and a large addressable market. We prefer B2B commercialization models with a clear vision for their product that can apply to the retail value chain.
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Does your technology solve a real problem in the retail value chain?
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Is your solution feasible, differentiated, and able to scale?
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Do you have early traction, such as a waitlist, LOIs, beta users, or sales?
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Is your Total Addressable Market at a $2B threshold?
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Do you have a US-based office or representative?
Space is limited, applications
due November 16
About the Program

Bounds is accepting applications from startups solving problems that affect the retail value chain with AI, AR/VR, Web3, and other emerging tech solutions for the 2024 cohort.

It will take place from January–April 2024. The application deadline is November 16.

Weekly cohort programming is virtual; however, both the kickoff event (January 11) and Demo Day (April 29) are in-person in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Applications due November 16
November 18-30
Cohort Finalized
Cohort will be announced December 6
In-Person Cohort Kick Off
January 11, 2024 (Bentonville, AR)
In-Person Demo Day
April 29, 2024 (Bentonville, AR)

Why Apply to Bounds?

Access to Funding and Networking Opportunities
We’ll introduce you to the right investors actively making deals, including local and seed-stage VCs that invest in your niche.
Mentorship and Expertise
You’ll get access to quality advisors, mentors, and corporations, which is crucial for helping identify the right problem to solve, the right service, and developing a go-to-market plan. You’ll be encouraged to think deeply about your product and iterate on new ideas.
Dedicated Intern
Bounds offers each cohort participant a dedicated intern for 15 hours a week from the University of Arkansas’ competitive pool of entrepreneurship and venture interns. Students will aid in crucial areas, from market research to strategy refinement.
Educational Resources
You’ll receive educational programming around hiring, compensation, onboarding, sales, deal negotiation, and marketing. The program also includes sessions focused on exploring the new business models created by AI and Web3.
Exposure and Validation
Our team and network will provide warm introductions to new potential customers, including enterprises. You’ll be given the opportunity to interview companies within Northwest Arkansas (NWA) as part of our market-validation track.
Demo Day Cash Award
At Demo Day in April, Bounds participating startups will compete for a substantial, non-dilutive cash award, rewarding their hard work and innovation throughout the program.
Bentonville Water Tower
A Retail-Powered Region

Bounds Accelerator is based out of Northwest Arkansas (NWA), known as the Silicon Valley of Supply Chain Innovation, where it brings together Fortune 500 enterprises, technology startups, entrepreneurial support organizations, over 1,400 CPG supplier offices, and private sector capital partners to drive real-world innovation.

NWA is a prominent retail value chain nexus with subject matter experts, global companies, and abundant resources in retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management, generating over half a trillion in annual cumulative revenue. This region hosts the global headquarters of Walmart, JB Hunt Transport, and Tyson Foods, all recognized as Fortune's Most Admired Companies, a global list of companies with the strongest reputations. NWA's global supply chain reach, combined with emerging tech capabilities, lays the foundation for the emergence of the next generation of industry leaders and billion-dollar retail value chain-focused companies.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How do you define the Retail Value Chain?
The Retail Value Chain is anything from manufacturing, transportation and logistics, supply chain, and retail. The problem your company solves should exist within the Retail Value Chain, but your starting point does not need to be in the Retail Value Chain. (Do you have an active or potential use case that touches the retail value chain?)
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After I apply, what are the next steps?
We encourage you to submit your application as soon as you’re ready to apply. We read applications on a rolling basis, and applications that are submitted early may be selected for an early interview. If your application is promising, we will invite you to interview with us. Most interviews will be held by video conference from late October to early December.
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What does my time commitment for Bounds look like?
For 16 weeks, you’ll have weekly cohort calls and workshops with optional office hours to connect with relevant mentors. Each of these activities will be virtual; however, there are two required in-person events in Bentonville, Arkansas (kickoff January 11 and Demo Day April 29)
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What value will I receive by participating in Bounds?
Access to funding and networking opportunities, mentorship, a dedicated intern, educational resources, exposure and validation, and potential for Demo Day cash award.
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What emerging technologies does Bounds focus on?
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, as well as blockchain-based solutions applicable to the retail value chain.
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How will Bounds help my company with funding?
Bounds will not take equity from founders of participating startups and will not provide direct funding. However, we will provide access to program partners and VCs who are considering all cohort companies.